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Из семейных фотоальбомов

Welcome to the Family Albums page!

Here's the place to share all your wonderful old photographs, and even some new ones, with the entire family. Tell us about these photographs and the people who are in them.

Each Family Album page is listed below on this page in the form of a link. Click on the link and see the album page.

Album TitleShort DescriptionLast Updated
  All pictures All pictures that we have on this site 
  All faces All portraits we have attached to the individual profiles 
  Group Pictures Group pictures of MikhlinsMar 28, 2008
  Most Interesting Most Interesting pictures of MikhlinsMar 28, 2008
  Mikhlin Girls Mikhlin girlsOct 30, 2009
  Archive of Arkady Reikhshtat (1938-2010), Kramatorsk, UA - Israel Arkady is the great-grandson on hazan Abram MikhlinSep 17, 2010
  Descendants of Iekhiel-Mikhel Mikhlin (1873-1949), cantor's oldest son Iekhiel-Mikhel lived in Petrovich, Klimovichi and died in MagnitogorskMay 04, 2013
  Descendants of Moishe Mikhlin (1883-1915), cantor's son  May 08, 2013

You can also browse our photos via existing tags (keywords). Each tag is listed below on this page in the form of a checkbox. Select a tag and click 'GO' button to see pictures associated with that tag.

You can also combine tags by checking multiple checkboxes.

 Tag Title 
1pre-Soviet Russia
2Red Army