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שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם - Shalom aleichem!
  • Cantor Abram Mikhlin (1850?-1919), Petrovichi, 1910s
  • Malka “Maria/Manya” Mikhlin (1912-1941), daughter of Shlema Mikhlin(1870s-1927) and cantor`s granddaughter, 1937, Kharkov, Ukraine
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  • Masya Katz(1875?-1959), Gita Kozinetz(1878?-1941), cantor`s daughters, Petrovichi, 1890s
  • Children of cantor`s son Moishe Mikhlin(1880?-1915), Klimovichi, 1939
  • Golda Azimova(1868-1942), cantor`s oldest daughter, Petrovichi, 1900s
  • Wedding of cantor`s great-grandson Abram `Boma` Katz, Minsk, 1956
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Abram Mikhlin (1850?-1919) Welcome to Mikhlin.org! 

Welcome to our family site. We are "dam hazans kinder" (children of cantor, Yiddish)- descendants of Abram Mikhlin (1850?-1919), cantor at village town of Petrovichi, Smolensk area, Russia.

We hope you will find that community here in many different ways: by reconnecting with relatives, meeting members of the family you haven't yet met, learning about our family history, sharing announcements of important family events and passing our fascinating heritage on to our next generations.

We also hope that you will add new information and help in our efforts to uncover the many missing pieces still found in our family tree.

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7 Feb, 2017: Story 16 - How I became a Red Army officer, 1935-1940 narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz
30 Sep, 2016: World War II survival story - Michael Lokshin (1924-2013) webmaster's great uncle
6 Jun, 2016: Snitches in the Red Army (late 1930s - early 1940s) narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz
25 Dec, 2015: The importance of the balance sheet. How the Germans helped us with the radio station. A WWII story narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz
26 Sep, 2015: `Lost division`. A WWII story narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz, Latvia, 1944
22 Sep, 2014: A Jewish fireman (in Russian, no English translation); by Ruvim Katz , Lenigrad, 1960s
28 Jul, 2013: `My cousin Lazar Mikhlin (1903-1987)` by Ruvim Katz , The bio of cantor Abram Mikhlin`s grandson.
16 Jun, 2013: New family photos from Tamara Mikhlin, Estonia. , Descendants of Moishe Mikhlin (1883-1915), son of cantor Abram Mikhlin
13 Mar, 2013: Anti-tank dogs. WWII story. , A story narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz about his experiences during `The Siege of Leningrad`.
3 Nov, 2012: Descendants of cantor Abram Mikhlin in the Israeli Defense Forces Pictures.
3 Nov, 2012: Cousins meet in San Francisco Janet (Mikhlin) Neice for Ann Arbor, MI visited her 4th cousin Daniel Klionsky in SF.
13 Oct, 2012: Girsha Mikhlin (1904- 1985) , the eldest son of Zalman "Shlema" Mikhlin (1878-1927), grandson of hazan
07 Oct, 2012: Mikhlins from Klimovichi - Are we all related? , research notes
29 Sep, 2012: Life stories by Ruvim Katz, Part IV ,a series of short stories, funny and not, from the life of our webmaster's grandfather
08 Mar, 2012: Life stories by Ruvim Katz, Part III ,a series of short stories, funny and not, from the life of our webmaster's grandfather
05 Jan, 2012: Life stories by Ruvim Katz, Part II ,a series of short stories, funny and not, from the life of our webmaster's grandfather
23 Sep, 2011: Life stories by Ruvim Katz ,a series of short stories from the childhood and youth of our webmaster's grandfather
10 Nov, 2010: Bio of Nelly Nemirovsky (1920-2009), youngest daughter of Iekhiel Michel Mikhlin(1876-1949), who was the oldest son of chazan Abram Mikhlin.
17 Sep, 2010: Photos from the archive of Arkady Reikhshtat (1938-2010), Kramatorsk, UA - Israel, descendants of Masha Katz(1882 -1959), cantor`s daughter
10 Aug, 2010: Iekhiel-Mikhel Mikhlin (1873-1949), cantor's oldest son
29 Sep, 2009: Cantor Abram Mikhlin of Petrovichi, cantor Abram Mikhlin (1850? – Dec, 1919) of Petrovichi and his descendants
19 Aug, 2009: Petrovichi, short history of the village town of Petrovichi, where Mikhlin originated from
11 Aug, 2009: Getting together at Ruvim Katz(1918 - 2018) home in St Petersburg, Russia, reunion article
11 Aug, 2009: Added new section "Family Life Events", under "Family" menu; a place to post family announcements & family reunions
18 Feb, 2009: A few days in June of 1941, a story narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz(1918 - 2018)
24 Oct, 2008: Mikhlin.org is looking for photos to add to its Mikhlin database of profiles. - To see the list of profiles with missing photos- click here
15 Dec, 2008: Translated family tree into Russian. Added new profile photos for Sara Reikhshtat tree page - click here
24 Sep, 2008: Posted 3 new group pictures - click here
20 Sep, 2008: Site is redesigned. New features include database profiles, people search, complete online listings
15 Jun, 2008: Mikhlin.org is launched: Family tree and pictures are posted