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Getting together at Ruvim Katz(1918 - 2018) home in St Petersburg, Russia

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Tatiana Prilipko and her daughter Nastya, came for a visit to St Petersburg from in Kiriyat Shmona, Israel

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Aug 8, 2009, St.-Petersburg, Russia: Tatiana Prilipko and her daughter Nastya, who both live in Kiriyat Shmona, Israel came for a visit to St Petersburg. They enjoyed hospitality at home of Svetlana Klionsky, mother of our webmaster and their first cousin once removed.

Tatiana & Nastya, descendants of Masya "Masha" Katz (1883-1959), also visited Kramatorsk, where they used to live before moving to Israel in 2002.

On August, 8 all of them got together at Ruvim Katz` home.

Ruvim Katz, son of Masya "Masha" Katz (1883-1959) and grandfather of our webmaster, is one of the oldest living members of the extended Michlin family. The party was also attended by Polina Mikhlin, descendant of Moishe Mikhlin (1882-1915), who was the older brother of Masya "Masha" Katz (1883-1959)

Posted on: 11 Aug, 2009

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