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Girsha Mikhlin (1904- 1985), grandson of hazan Russian
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Дорогой наш Даниил.

Их сестра Маня была первым секретарём Белостокского горкома комсомола,этот город сегодня отошёл Польше.

В 1939г. при сговоре Сталина с Гитлером он стал частью СССР и её отправили туда организовывать комсомол.

Немцы заняли этот город на второй день войны и она с ребёнком бежала в Петровичи,где их всех расстреляли

Created by Unknown
Created on 2012-October-16 16:41 Eastern Standard Time (New York)

Hi, Daniel

I have (5) comments in regard to my uncle Grisha Mikhlin.

1. Grisha`s daughter Sima (my first cousin) lives with her daughter and grandchildren in Kharkov. Did she had input to this article about her father ? It sounds to me she did not. She would add a lot of details. He was indeed a very colorful personality. I knew him very well. We were neighbors, lived in 5-minute walking distance. I am not sure about his military record as you described. But I am not sure about the war record. For some reason I think for a period of time he was involved in fighting near Odessa or Crimea with a brigade of marines (cherny bushlatu).

2. The office of Leninsk`s rajkom of kommunist party was not located in the same apartment building (?!) as indicated in the article. It was no such thing as rajkom of the party in resident`s apartment building in the whole country ! All rajkom party committees always were located in separate buildings ! Grisha, Sonya and Sima lived on the 5th floor of the apartment building, not far from rajkom of the party. I was in their apartment hundreds of times. Brothers (Efim and Grisha) were very close and good friends. Grisha`s wife Sonya was a very warm person. She and my mother (also Sonya) were childhood friends. Both were from Kherson !

3. I am not sure about fire (as stated in the article). When I lived in Kharkov (till 1975) it was no fire in their apartment. Semen knows this better. I guess the fire happened in Sima`s apartment.

4. Grisha`s mother`s name (my grandmother`s name) is not Minna ! Her name is Dvoira ! See our family tree, page 1.

5. Why Grisha end up in Kharkov ? His best friend in the Moscow`s `academy` of red professors was a well connected `comi` by name Churaev. This `friend` became first secretary of Kharkov`s obkom of the party. He invited Grisha to Kharkov to the position of rajkom`s first secretary. Two (2) younger brothers of Grisha followed him to Kharkov.

That is how Mikhlins established their home in Kharkov !

Mark Mikhlin

Created by Unknown
Created on 2012-October-16 16:22 Eastern Standard Time (New York)

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