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June 1941 and how I survived Russian
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dmk (Daniel Klionsky, USA)

Хороший английский!

Created by dmk (Daniel Klionsky, USA)
Created on 2009-March-4 13:38 Eastern Standard Time (New York)

TypeLast UpdatedTitleShort Description
Photo AlbumAug 12, 2010 [ ALB71 ] - Getting together at Ruvim Katz(1918 - 2018) home in St Petersburg, Russia Tatiana Prilipko and her daughter Nastya, came for a visit to St Petersburg from in Kiriyat Shmona, Israel
StorySep 10, 2011 [ ST203 ] - Life stories by Ruvim Katz A series of short stories from the childhood and youth of our webmaster's grandfather
StoryMar 13, 2013 [ ST225 ] - Anti-tank dogs. WWII story by Ruvim Katz. A story narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz about his experiences during `The Siege of Leningrad`.
StorySep 22, 2015 [ ST236 ] - Lost division, 1944, Latvia - WWII story by Ruvim Katz Narrated by webmaster's grandfather Ruvim Katz as a Red Army First Lieutenant stationed in Latvia in the end of 1941-1945 war

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